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Construction Insurance

At BKG Aerial Imagery, we excel in capturing and delivering a comprehensive visual narrative of construction sites, surpassing the ordinary with our advanced aerial solutions. Our services encompass the provision of high-quality aerial progress photos, dynamic videos, precise orthomosaic maps, and immersive 3D models that redefine how construction progress is documented. In the dynamic environment of a construction site, where project progress, equipment location, and material volumes are critical factors, our aerial perspective offers unparalleled clarity. BKG Aerial Imagery ensures that every detail is captured from above, making it not only easier but more insightful to monitor and manage every aspect of your construction project. Elevate your construction site oversight with BKG Aerial Imagery—where innovation meets visibility for smarter project management.

Have custom requirements for your project?

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Simply provide the address of where the drone mission should occur along with scheduling and budget details. We will then reach out to you to discuss your mission and provide costs.

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