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What We Do

Solar Panel Condition Monitoring

BKG Aerial Imagery thermal imaging detects defective panel cells, connection points & complete arrays that form individual electrical phases. BKG Aerial Imagery provides an efficient method of validating new installations & helps to maintain maximum output from aging infrastructures.

Solar panels on the lawn
Aerial view of wind energy turbines on windfarm above mist layer on german countryside in the morning sun. Germany

Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring

BKG Aerial Imagery wind turbine condition monitoring service is game-changing. Our condition monitoring service conducted via drone is 2-4 times faster than traditional methods & provides significant cost savings and improved safety by reducing work at height.

Roof & Facade Condition Monitoring

BKG Aerial Imagery quickly & safely inspects building roofs & facades providing accurate observations & data for condition assessments. BKG Aerial Imagery collects the aerial images & data, which can include 2D & 3D models of the infrastructure & property to inspect any damaged areas.

aerial view of city interchange at night ,wuhan , China

Observations & Data for Insurance

Streamline claims adjustment & underwriting. It’s important to capture accurate data quickly. BKG Aerial Imagery helps insurance companies quickly collect aerial data, which is ideal for roof inspection, damage repair & claims adjustment.

What You Receive

High resolution imagery + Infrared capability

Files securely hosted by Drone Solutions LLC

Ultra high definition
4K video

30x zoom cam provides close-up detailed shots

Save time and

Video live stream & 3D modeling available

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