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Immerse your special moments in the magic of the skies with BKG Aerial Imagery. Our expert drone services bring a new dimension to private events, capturing the essence of your celebrations from breathtaking heights. We specialize in turning weddings, birthdays, and corporate gatherings into unforgettable visual experiences.

At BKG, we tailor our drone services to fit seamlessly with your vision, ensuring each event is uniquely captured. Our licensed pilots guarantee professionalism and privacy, prioritizing the safety and intimacy of your occasion. From panoramic aerial views to dynamic close-ups, our high-quality imagery adds a touch of sophistication to your cherished moments.

Have custom requirements for your project?

Request a customized drone mission in less than 3 minutes.

Simply provide the address of where the drone mission should occur along with scheduling and budget details. We will then reach out to you to discuss your mission and provide costs.

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